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Dee’s Books

Demystifying Spiritual Warfare

Standing Victoriously in the Battle

Do you desire a life of victory, destiny, and assurance of your identity in Jesus Christ? This book will equip you with strategic tools as you experience a practical journey of understanding Satan’s warfare tactics and God’s victorious truth. Women everywhere can claim victory, as the age-old tactics of the enemy are unveiled. As you read and reflect it is apparent that:
Satan lost. God won.
Women have a heavenly heritage.
Life circumstances do not define your identity, nor dictate the joy of the journey.
Enemy tactics weaken when women know the truth.

Spiritual Warfare Demystified

Weapons to Stand Boldly And Win the Battle

Written for men, this companion book to Standing Victoriously in the Battle will encourage and equip you with the truth to activate an arsenal of spiritual weapons. Yes, we are engaged in a spiritual war. We do not have to become casualties on the battlefield. Regardless of our circumstances, we are more than conquerors. Author Dee Brown demystifies spiritual warfare and men gain tools to stand strong in the battle. The trumpet is sounding and it’s the hour to take back what the enemy has stolen! Arise, uncover the strategies towards becoming a spiritual warrior and fight for your faith, family, marriages and children. Unmask the enemy’s tactics, while declaring the promises of the Abba Father. The battle is real but the keys to victory are YOURS!

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

The Silent Cry of the Christian Women

For years, I have listened to many Christian woman who have been voiceless in trying to shake the feeling they were going crazy and losing their identity. These women have experienced frustrated lives when connected to passive-aggressive men. Passive aggression is a covert form of emotional abuse. Christian women have not had a venue to express the truth or safe places to validate their personal realities. It is my hope to give sound to the voiceless; tools for those in despair; hope for the journey and clarity to eliminate the feelings of shame and false guilt. Can you relate to any of the following? If so, this book is for you. Do you often receive the “silent treatment?”
Do you feel like you are living with Mr. Lamb and Mr. Lion?
Do you walk on eggshells and weigh your words?
Does your partner minimizes your thoughts or feelings?
Does your partner deny, deny, deny he is hurt or angry when there is no doubt he really is?
Do you hear yourself saying, ”I feel like I am losing my mind. Who will hear my silent cry? Yes, he is such a nice guy in public, who will believe me if I finally cry out and speak my truth? The words in this book can assist women and men in unmasking the traits, tactics and tendencies of passive- aggressive behaviors, while providing the tools to live in victory, freedom and wholeness.