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How Cornerstone Center Can Help

Enrich your life by identifying the sabotaging patterns, actions and beliefs which hinder the journey to wholeness. Additionally, you will learn to live with focus, fulfillment, clarity and accountability.

Equip you with intentional tools for personal and professional growth. You will be prepared to live in expectancy, anointing, and confidence through life’s challenges.

Empower you with knowledge and skills that propel and reinforce your passion, while pursuing your unique path of purpose.


The Cornerstone Center equips and empowers clients to move beyond their past by identifying the origins of unhealthy cycles, recurring behaviors and toxic beliefs. We walk alongside you as grow. Additionally, we focus on the mind, body and spirit by speaking truth with love. Promoting hope and healing for individuals, couples and families by providing practical tools to find freedom and walk in victory.


The Cornerstone Center serves to provide clients with strategic and intentional skills to deal with the realities in their lives by establishing a safe and confidential environment. Clients learn the keys to taking calculated risks, developing decisions-making abilities, clarifying vision, and improving communication to pursue personal and professional dreams.


The Cornerstone Training Center offers “Victorious Living” seminars designed to ignite a fire and live passionately. The goal is to offer a safe , supportive place to provide renewal, restoration, and refreshment to grow triumphantly. We also customize seminars to assist people on “their journey to wholeness”. We train individuals and organization to maximize their fullest potential, release creative abilities and seize their God-given destiny.